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Is Your Water Safe?

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, don’t take any risks with dirty water. 

Do You Know What's In Your Water?

You drink it. Your kids drink it. Your pets drink it. You cook, clean, and bathe in it.
But how clean is the water in your home?
Pure Life Water filtration and purification systems provide your family pure clean drinking water.

Clean Water Benefits Your Entire Family...

Pure Life Water Filtration and Purification Systems...

ChildDrinking Water

Remove Metals & Toxins

Pure Life Water Filtration and Purification Systems remove chlorine, sediment, as well as organic & inorganic contaminants from your tap. Our water treatment systems filter your water for metals, heavy metals, and medications to give your family clean drinking water.

Reduce Skin Irritations

Pure Life Water Filtration and Purification Systems improve your water quality by reducing hard and contaminated water that contributes to skin irritation and allergies. You and your family deserve clean drinking water and the best water treatment systems available.


Improve Hair Health

Pure Life Water Filtration and Purification Systems improve your water quality by reducing hard and contaminated water that contributes to damaged hair, scalp irritation, and allergies. Our water treatment systems will give your family clean drinking water today!

Protect Plumbing & Appliances

Besides clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing, Pure Life Water Filtration and Purification Systems helps protect against the wear and tear of your plumbing and appliances from hard and contaminated water. Our water treatment systems will give your family clean drinking water today!


Lower Utility Costs

Pure Life Water Filtration and Purification Systems reduce your energy costs, simply by having a water treatment system installed. Having clean water in your home reduces the amount of soap products used, as well as the time spent cleaning areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Give your family clean drinking water today!

Invest In Your Health Today!

"The water tastes great!"

"I am an inspector with the Planning and Development Office of the Dekalb County Water Department. The water from this system is great. I can tell the difference in the softness of the water on my skin. The water tastes great!"

Christopher M.
Ellenwood, GA

Ethan Ramage
Ethan Ramage
December 30, 2021.
Quality work at reasonable prices! Before I had pure life water corp come look at my water filtration, my water was bad, now it’s good!
Greg Gunn
Greg Gunn
December 28, 2021.
Absolutely amazing technology !! No more horrible tasting plastic bottled water. No more plastic water bottles !! Also, water doesn’t dry out your skin like the over chlorinated tap water !! Highly recommended!!
Michael Shayne Bradley
Michael Shayne Bradley
November 13, 2021.
Plumber even repaired my toilet! I love the water system! By far the best one on the market. I am a contractor and I know good people when I see them! Thank you pure life!
Rachel Bradley
Rachel Bradley
November 13, 2021.
Greatest company on the planet! Customer service is amazing! The plumber is outstanding! They always answer my questions! My kids skin issues are completely healed! Thank you pure life!
Rashmi Wagde
Rashmi Wagde
October 28, 2021.
Greatest customer service ,
Jeff Shumaker
Jeff Shumaker
October 22, 2021.
THey came out and tested my water. They taught me so much about water quality and what good clean water can do for me and my family. The product did all they said it would do. I wish I had known about this product/serviced years ago. All this and they gave me free cleaning products and detergent. I would strongly suggest giving them a call and let them test your water.
Annika Shumaker
Annika Shumaker
October 10, 2021.
Best company I’ve ever worked with! Customer service is great! I love how it makes my skin and hair feel! Get this water system!!!
Jay Money
Jay Money
October 6, 2021.
Amazing water quality! The water problem is so bad in this are! The customer service is the best! They always answer. This is the single best thing you can do for your family. I'm saving money! Thank you pure life!
Amber Key
Amber Key
October 6, 2021.
This is the greatest thing I have ever done! Rick and vanessa are amazing! They are so responsive! They always answer the phone and answer any questions! Its so refreshing in this day and age to have customer service this wonderful... My skin is amazing. Thank you pure life! No more bottled water!
gary bowling
gary bowling
September 29, 2021.
Best water filtration company on the planet. Customer service is amazing! They repaired things in my house and they installed my filter. I love the soaps! My skin is amazing! The water problem is real and this is the best solution!!!

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Don't Take Any Chances With Your Water!

Is the water in your home as clean as it can be? When it comes to the health and safety of your family, don't take any risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pure Life Water specializes in performing in-home assessments, conducting various tests for chlorine and water hardness. In addition to the tests, we perform demonstrations of how water affects health and home.

Our Family Cost Report also helps people understand expenses they already incur and how water quality affects these expenses. The recommendations we provide, based on our assessments, help families and homeowners benefit from clean, filtered water, as well as money-saving promotions.

Pure Life Water provides water purification and filtration systems to that are designed to deliver better tasting, clean drinking water while protecting families from undesirable elements that can be found in hard water in the Atlanta metropolitan area and surrounding areas including:

•  Ackworth  •  Alpharetta  •  Athens  •  Atlanta  •  Avondale Estates  •  Ball Ground  •  Belvedere Park  •  Bonanza  •  Brooks  •  Brookhaven  •  Buford  •  Candler-McAfee  •  Canton  •  Chamblee  •  Chattahoochee Hills  •  Clarkston  •  College Park  •  Conley  •  Conyers  •  Covington  •  Decatur  •  Doraville  •  Douglasville  •  Druid Hills  •  Dunwoody  •  East Griffin  •  East Newnan  •  East Point  •  Experiment  •  Fairburn  •  Fair Oaks  •  Fayetteville  •  Flovilla  •  Forest Park  •  Gainesville  •  Grantville  •  Gresham Park  •  Griffin  •  Hampton  •  Hapeville  •  Holly Springs  •  Irondale  •  Jackson  •  Johns Creek  •  Kennesaw  •  Lake City  •  Lakeview Estates  •  Lawrenceville  •  Lilburn  •  Lithia Springs  •  Lithonia  •  Locust Grove  •  Lovejoy  •  Mableton  •  Macon  •  Marietta  •  Milton  •  Moreland  •  Morrow  •  Newnan  •  North Decatur  •  North Druid Hills  •  Orchard Hill  •  Panthersville  •  Peachtree City  •  Pine Lake  •  Powder Springs  •  Riverdale  •  Rome  •  Roswell  •  Sandy Springs  •  Senoia  •  Sharpsburg  •  Smyrna  •  Snellville  •  South Fulton  •  Sunny Side  •  Tryone  •  Turin  •  Union City  •  Vinings  •  Waleska  •  Woodstock  •  Woolsey

Whole-home water filtration is a system installed on the main water line of a house, so that all the water coming into the home gets filtered before being distributed through the plumbing. Every sink, shower, toilet, and all appliances connected to the plumbing will have clean, filtered water flowing through them.

With the system Pure Life Water specializes in, there is technically no filter to change! The two-tank system consists of a filter tank and a brine tank. The filter tank is programmed to perform a self-regeneration cycle every 3 weeks, where it uses water from the brine tank to flush out its insides, purging all the contaminants, sediment, and impurities the filters have been capturing. The filter tank drains, then it fills back up with your house’s water and continues filtering.

The system cleans and refreshes itself! Just make sure there is rock-salt in the brine tank, which you should check every 3 to 6 months, and the system will provide you clean, filtered water for life! We also recommend replacing the carbon filter every 5 years, because, due to the elemental nature of carbon, you can not guarantee carbon for life. It will break down over time, diminishing the ability of the system to filter out chlorine, as well as remove tastes and odors from the water.

Not only does Pure Life Water remove chlorine and sediment, but our system is one of the only systems to remove metals and medications for the whole house using NASA technology. The system also undergoes a self-regeneration cycle to clean itself, and the high-capacity resin saves on 50-70% of the brine solution required for this process. There is also a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the tanks and control valves.

Add an answer to this item. Yes, Pure Life Water specializes in several different water filtration systems. We provide options such as in-line carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis filters, Alkaline water systems, and UV purification attachments.

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