Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pure Life Water do?

Pure Life Water specializes in performing in-home assessments, conducting various tests for chlorine and water hardness. In addition to the tests, we perform demonstrations of how water affects health and home. Our Family Cost Report also helps people understand expenses they already incur and how water quality affects these expenses. The recommendations we provide, based on our assessments, help families and homeowners benefit from clean, filtered water, as well as money-saving promotions.

What is whole-home water filtration?

Whole-home water filtration is a system installed on the main water line of a house, so that all the water coming into the home gets filtered before being distributed through the plumbing. Every sink, shower, toilet, and all appliances connected to the plumbing will have clean, filtered water flowing through them.

How often do you have to change the filter?

With the system Pure Life Water specializes in, there is technically no filter to change! The two-tank system consists of a filter tank and a brine tank. The filter tank is programmed to perform a self-regeneration cycle every 3 weeks, where it uses water from the brine tank to flush out its insides, purging all the contaminants, sediment, and impurities the filters have been capturing. The filter tank drains, then it fills back up with your house's water and continues filtering. The system cleans and refreshes itself! Just make sure there is rock-salt in the brine tank, which you should check every 3 to 6 months, and the system will provide you clean, filtered water for life! We also recommend replacing the carbon filter every 5 years, because, due to the elemental nature of carbon, you can not guarantee carbon for life. It will break down over time, diminishing the ability of the system to filter out chlorine, as well as remove tastes and odors from the water.

What makes Pure Life Water's whole-home system special?

Not only does Pure Life Water remove chlorine and sediment, but our system is one of the only systems to remove metals and medications for the whole house using NASA technology. The system also undergoes a self-regeneration cycle to clean itself, and the high-capacity resin saves on 50-70% of the brine solution required for this process. There is also a manufacturer lifetime warranty on the tanks and control valves.

Does Pure Life Water provide filters other than whole-home systems?

Yes, Pure Life Water specializes in several different water filtration systems. We provide options such as in-line carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis filters, Alkaline water systems, and UV purification attachments.